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Problems Solved

After much time of double and triple checking the server now, after the massive attack that caused server problems causing accessibility issues and database errors, we have come up with the perfect plan to carry on and move forward from the current situation.

First, we will need your permission and cooperation to cancel all withdrawal requests and wait for at least 24 to 36 hours of grace period before we start processing withdrawals of certain limits.

You can either reinvest your balance from account balance or just wait for the grace period time to lapse. It is totally your call.

We made the past 24 hours of website operation as our test period to ensure our rather huge database is all complete and no damaged rows or date. The server has been optimized to properly load and process queries faster if you've noticed.

With your cooperation, we will be able to proceed and align our operations with the complete network back online now. This is one of the reasons why we have not yet opened the LIVE Camera view for our mining operation locations because as some of you may know (those who may have technical backgrounds), the installation of a live feed network may actually be the hole to some security in our network, so we are ensuring that the live feed connection is 100% solidly disruption-proof before launching it.

With much being said, we will be cancelling withdrawals and we will monitor activities for another 24 to 36 hours prior to proceeding with the normal operations.

I want to apologize for not being responsive to the chats, this trouble has consumed all my time and all of our time.

We did not want to send a newsletter until everything gets resolved and now we are sure to not have any server issues further more.

Bounty rewards program will continue and will get paid on schedule.

I request for your cooperation in this situation, everything is back to normal now and the grace period is a necessary action for the benefit of the long haul. We will proceed normally.

Thank you.

Sep-20-2020 07:53:08 PM

Blockchain congestion detected

Bitcoin withdrawals are processed manually for now until the Blockchain confirmation is back to normal. Alternatively, you can reinvest from your account balance if you do not wish to wait.
By processing manually we can send a single transfer for several withdrawals and this allow us to send with higher fee, avoiding the congestion and reaching your wallet faster.

Sep-10-2020 04:34:00 AM

Refreshing news of HourlyMiner


Everything in HourlyMiner is fully operational as should be.
Only good things to tell: Like finally bitcoin network is breathing and confirming transactions that were stuck unconfirmed in blockchain for ingoing and outgoing. Finally!

Server Upgrade and DDoS Protection upgraded to Military Grade!

All systems operational, happy mining

Sep-4-2020 08:05:57 AM

Downtime reported (Fixed)

Our website had a slight downtime. However, everything is fine now as we used the downtime to perform a maintenance.
You should see that our website is now loading even more faster.

Aug-27-2020 12:16:03 PM

Mine safe with Hourly Miner 3

The only mining contracts that we officially serve are:

Tester: 1.18% hourly earnings for 90 hours (106.2% Returned). $5-$300
Popular: 0.5% hourly earnings  for 288 hours (144% Returned). $301-$2000
VIP: 2.5% hourly earnings for 48 hours (120% Returned). $2001-$5000
Associates: 6% hourly earnings for 24 hours (144% Returned). $5000-$10000
Social Media Links: (Please Bookmark)
Telegram Group :
Facebook Page :
(Click Only - Do Not Search) - Official telegram: @hourlyminersupport -

Aug-26-2020 11:14:03 PM

Mine safe with HourlyMiner 2

Please be aware that the only promotional offer that we are officially running right now is our Bounty Campaign.

If we launch a promotional campaign we will directly announce it in our social media; Facebook Page, Twitter, Telegram and will be displayed publicly on our website --

Remember we are not responsible for your transactions done outside the website. All financial transactions should only be done and transacted on our website. We have an expert team for security purposes inside our platform.

Aug-26-2020 11:13:24 PM

Mine safe with HourlyMiner

Due to the popularity of HourlyMiner, impersonators began to spring up like mushrooms. There are a number of people that are personally reaching our members presenting them with "Promotional Offers" that aren't officially made by  "Hourly Mining Associates Ltd" and asking them to transfer money to some account addresses directly. We will never ask anyone to directly transfer money to any address aside from those generated automatically for each account holder on our website.

Aug-26-2020 11:12:55 PM

Reminder for Bounty Week #2

** Members that did not set their BTC Address in their HourlyMiner Account Profile were paid directly to their account balance, if you are one of them, please make sure to set up all your payment information in your HourlyMiner account for future submissions.

After that quick report, we want to introduce the week #2 of our Bounty Campaign, with 3 new added tasks.
Please go to Bounty Section and start earning FREE BTC - Because no purchases are required in order to participate.

Aug-12-2020 05:04:09 AM

HourlyMiner Bounty Week #2 Has Started

The first week of our Bounty Program has been completed successfully and we want to thank every user that participated and earned an extra income with this special feature of HourlyMiner.

We had more than 200 submissions to review just during this first week, we have reviewed each one and processed the rewards - on the go and directly to participants' BTC address.

In this spreadsheet: ( - you may find TX ID for every submission that was paid.

Aug-12-2020 05:02:36 AM

We have been operating for 52 days, without any power interruption by our green energy power sources, we are ready to fully open our doors to the worldwide.

We offer the most convenient crypto-mining system powered by green energy and efficient mining equipments.

With our instant payments you can cash out your hourly rewards, instantly by your request!.

We love to keep it simple!

Happy Mining!

Aug-2-2020 07:38:42 AM

New registrations accepted!

We are ready to accept more registrations, as we continue doing our adjustments in the profit sharing formula while we monitor electricity costs and rewards.

We are accepting new reqistrations, please register an account to start earning with our cloud mining system.

Jun-23-2020 07:31:36 AM

Beta Test: 150 new signups allowed.


As part of our profitability test, on this day we are allowing 150 new signups.

We are fine-tuning details with our profit sharing formula.

This is a key stage for future predictions.

More signups will be allowed on 2020-06-23

Jun-16-2020 01:31:02 AM

Stay Home, Stay Safe

We are working hard to provide the best service for crypto-mining with the best earning potential and the fastest payments.

The upcoming months are going to be really strong for cryptocurrency business, we need to be prepared for what its coming.

Jun-15-2020 04:27:15 AM

Featuring now Instant Payments!

We have enabled a very secure instant payments system.

This is a new advantage of our Cloud Mining platform as part of our Members Satisfaction policy.

We have been operating without any power interruption since we turned on all our mining equipments just by using GREEN ENERGY!

Jun-14-2020 01:37:20 AM

Beta Test: Only 50 signups allowed.


We are testing real time profitability rates we need to make sure that we made our numbers right.

Next date for more signups 2020-06-16.

Jun-13-2020 03:18:52 AM

Official Launch of HourlyMiner

HourlyMiner is a Cloud Crypto-Mining powered by green energy has been made possible!

We have been operating online with 100% of uptime providing Hourly Returns based on mining rewards. We transfer your earnings instantly to your address.

You don't need to wait to earn real-time from mining.

Please create an account with us, and start earning hourly-rewards.

Jun-11-2020 03:12:54 AM
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